Monday, August 6, 2012

Review: Avon Healthy MAkeup BB Cream

Hello Readers, today I'm going to review the new Avon Healthy Makeup BB Bream. I was so excited to try this when I saw it at my friends avon brochure, I immediately ordered it to give it a try. Here's what the product say's:

Healthy looking skin in one step.  Infused with skin loving  moisturizing essence, triple Vitamin Complex A, C, E and Natural extracts of Pomegranate, Olive Leaf and Apple Root.  Skin is nourished, energized and protected from environmental damage.  This lightweight, breathable, luxurious BB cream, blends easily to conceal imperfections.

Reveal a natural, healthy, flawless look.  Healthy look in an instant.  SPF20/PA++

tested.  Suitable for Sensitive Skin.
Available shades: Light, Nude Size: 18g 

Here's what I think
  • I love the creamy texture of the product! 
  • Has SPF 20 PA++ protection.
  • Its not heavy and greasy. It does not give you that oily look
  •  It has good amount of coverage, I used it almost everyday. If you want more coverage, then use it as base before applying your foundation
  • It has matte finish with a hint of "glow" (yey!)
  • Well, as usual very limited shades, may not match everyone.
  • The price was Ok, P399.00
  • If you have morena skin like me, choose nude.
Stay beutiful, be inspired and let your self shine like a ....


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I ♥ Bohol: Playing with bee's at Bohol Bee Farm

After our adventurous snorkeling gig at Balicasag and Virgin Island, we were tired and hungry. As part of our itinerary, we went to the famous Bohol Bee Farm

 Unlike other resort in Bohol, Bohol Bee farm actually promotes healthy lifestyle were they serve you with organic food which all ingredients actually came form their own farm. We opted to join their farm tour where they will show us different plants and trees that they grow, their bee farm and livelihood project. But first, we have to feed our growling stomach!Grr

 The Camote Bread with Honey, Pesto and Mango Spreads was complement by the restaurant. I ordered mango shake and fresh lumpia with peanut butter which is so yummy! My mom ordered blue marlin and my uncle grilled squid. They were serve with red rice which we all know  is very healthy with their famous vegetable salad! Yep, flowers included! I tasted the blue one and it tasted like a...flower:)

 There are a lot of people eating at that time so I could not get a descent shot without disturbing them. So, I grab these photos from their website.

After our healthy, hearty lunch. we went to the reception area to wait for the farm tour to start.  I went inside their shop to check on some of their product.

You can buy bottles of honey(ofcourse!) different flavored tea and sandwich spread. And don't forget to taste their unique malunggay ice cream or ginger ice cream.

The farm tour started after a while and my uncle is quite interesting about the topics because he has his own farm. He liked the idea of using alternative and natural pesticides.

  Bee's and Buzz...( as usual, ayaw na naman ng uncle ko.hahaha)

 After the bee tour, we then went to their workshop where they make hand-crafted materials, mostly weaved cloths.

They also make basket for their product. All were handmade. Filipino people are indeed very creative, right?

Some colorful paintings. Sign, One of my dreams is to learn how to paint, even just a simple canvass:)

It was nice experienced visiting Bohol Bee Farm. Tasting their delicious and healthy meal, close encounter with the bee's, relaxing ambiance  and learning more about organic farming.

To travel is to learn to love things we still don’t know they exist.
                                                                                                -Tasting Travels

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I ♥ Bohol: Balicasag and Virgin Island

We woke up early in the morning to witness the wild dolphins near Balicasag Island which one of the  great and exciting attraction when you visit Bohol. I love dolphins! They are intelligent and loving creature and  I love seeing those natural smiles on their faces!

As you can see there are other boats approaching to witness the dolphins. I felt like I was in a computer games and whoever see the dolphins first will win! hahaha

 Here the are! Wohoho! I could help but to be excited upon seeing these lovely creatures!

I know, I know my photo sucks! I was having a hard time catching up with them. They are so fast that I wanted to look at them first before taking photos!The dolphins shows lasts for only 15-30 minutes and will no longer jump out of the water or show their fins because of  hot climate above the sea level.

 Next: Balicasag Island

 Approaching the Balicasag Island to do some snorkeling baby!

Balicasag Island is gifted with nice spot in diving and snorkeling. As we approach the island, our boatman was already waiting for us.We rented our snorkeling gears and headed to the site. Unlike other tour packages, our boat man actually guide us during our snorkeling gig:)

 Look how clear the water is!

It was actually peak season when we visited Bohol so there are tons of tourist doing some snorkeling and diving in Balicasag.Remember to bring some bread for fish feeding. Hmm, I wish one day to buy an underwater camera so i can have a chance to take photos under water. But  I tell you, It was amazing underwater. It was like another world out there. Coral reefs are like castles, and fish are like prince and princesses wearing their colorful clothes.

It was fun, hot summer day! Bohol indeed  is one of the provinces that has finest beach. The water was so clear and they have beautiful corals! Snorkeling never failed to amazed us but we did enjoy more snorkeling in deep water that of shallow one.

We changed our clothes at the island. and headed to our next stop: Virgin Island

Not far from the Balicasag island where the less explored virgin island is located. My uncle loved this place. The island isn't that big so we explored it by just walking around. There were vendors selling shells and sea urchin which my uncle tried and didn't like it at all. Hahaha

Actually, there are a lot of people in that island during that day. A lot of them were families having a bonding time together by picnicking.

 After exploring the island and have our skin burned, we went to  small store where we bought banana cue, buko juice and puto.Yummy!

                    Grabe, neger na talaga ako dito.

After a while, we headed back to our boat and return to Panglao for our Pangalo Island tour. We will have our lunch at BOHOL BEE FARM! Excited!

The beautiful and pristine beach of Panglao Island, Bohol. I had a great time exploring these Island. We are so lucky to have this crystal clear water beaches, powdery sand and amazing underwater gems.

“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru

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Friday, July 20, 2012

I ♥ Bohol: Tarsier, manmade forest and Chocolate Hills!

One of the main reason people flock to Bohol is to see the famous but endangered specie, Tarsier. It is considered to be the world’s smallest primate, measures about 12 centimeters in length.

It's so amazing to finally be this close with a tarsier whom I used to see only at the faded books in high school. They are so cute I wanted to put them inside my pocket! But beware, because these little creatures has suicidal tendencies. Camera flashes, being touched and super closed with them is not allowed. Tarsier are shy and nervous that's why when people are not careful, it may lead  with hitting its head against “objects” that can  kill it because of its thin skull.

Tarsier are solitary animals. They sleep during and active at night. They are adorable sleepy heads and I wish I could touch them! It was an amazing experience seeing the creature that made the Philippines more fun!

Bohol man made forest is a picturesque place that you should not miss!It is mainly composed of Mahogany trees about 2 kilometers stretched densely. It was a unique and relaxing site with its tidy road and forest. When you enter the  dense forest, you can feel the sudden change in temperature and the freshness of the air which is really, really nice:)

When you are in this magnificent area you will rarely see the sun and even if it is summer you still don’t feel the entire heat due to the shades from the branches and leaves. I salute those brilliant Filipinos who started this brilliant idea of preservation. This will definitely help make the Earth a better place to live in

Next: Chocolate Hills

When I was in High school, I always thought what would the real chocolate hills look like. Never in my wildest dream I will find myself standing up-close and personal with the Chocolate hills.
  Chocolate hills is truly one of a kind.  It’s  so amazing how the magical hands of nature made these cone-shaped hills. Up to this day, geologists haven’t reached a general agreement  on how the Chocolate Hills were formed. Amazing right?
 But, there are different  legends swirling around Bohol about the formation of the chocolate hills..The first one is that there are Two fighting giants who throw sand and stones at each other which lasted for days. The two giants eventually got tired and had forgotten to clean up the mess they had made.
The other one  tells a story of a powerful giant named Arogo  He  fell in love with Aloya,  a simple mortal. But then Aloya died,and left Arogo in so much pain and misery. Because of his sorrow he could not stop crying and giant tears fell down his eyes. When his tears dried, the Chocolate Hills were formed.

                                                                                         You have to climb these stairs to enjoy the magnificent view of the Chocolate Hills


 Laughing trip @ the chocolate hills
 Bohol country Side tour is an awesome experience! For just a day, you can see historical places, amazing creatures and magnificent views. It was such a fulfilling and humbling experienced for me.. reaching places I never thought I would finally reached .--Leah

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Friday, July 13, 2012

I ♥ Bohol: Cruising the Loboc River

One of the main attraction in Bohol Country Side tour is the Loboc River Cruise. And your's truly is excited as well as hungry to try cruising around Loboc while eating a hearty lunch.

 Some Souvenir shop
 The cute floating Resto:)


As we aboard I noticed that the crew starts to prepare drinks and fruit desert which include banana, pine apple and water melon.Deserts are maja blanca, sweet potato and biko.Main dish are veggies, squid, chicken etc. The food was already prepared but continue to be warm because they  store it using food warmers. It was a buffet style. I love their soup and the food was...ok., never mind.

An acoustic band was serenading the crowd with beautiful old and new songs.  I haven't eaten much because I was busy looking at the beautiful scenery of Loboc as the cold wind touched my face while serene,  soothing voices was serenading us. It was such a wonderful experience for me. I'm here in Bohol, with two wonderful people that I love , cruising the unpolluted  water of Loboc River.

 The Loay Bridge

 A Scenic View. Amazing!

Busan Falls.

Rondalla and Dance Group

Before going back , they  took us to  Rondalla and Dance Group housed in a Nipa Hut along the river. Where young and old group entertained us by plying popular local songs and dances. 

 I couldn't help but to join! At first nobody dared to go down  and join until they saw me !

My mom joined the Tinikling dance!
It atmosphere was fun and friendly ! We all  enjoyed the 10 minute show and showed it by giving donation.

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