Friday, July 13, 2012

I ♥ Bohol: Cruising the Loboc River

One of the main attraction in Bohol Country Side tour is the Loboc River Cruise. And your's truly is excited as well as hungry to try cruising around Loboc while eating a hearty lunch.

 Some Souvenir shop
 The cute floating Resto:)


As we aboard I noticed that the crew starts to prepare drinks and fruit desert which include banana, pine apple and water melon.Deserts are maja blanca, sweet potato and biko.Main dish are veggies, squid, chicken etc. The food was already prepared but continue to be warm because they  store it using food warmers. It was a buffet style. I love their soup and the food was...ok., never mind.

An acoustic band was serenading the crowd with beautiful old and new songs.  I haven't eaten much because I was busy looking at the beautiful scenery of Loboc as the cold wind touched my face while serene,  soothing voices was serenading us. It was such a wonderful experience for me. I'm here in Bohol, with two wonderful people that I love , cruising the unpolluted  water of Loboc River.

 The Loay Bridge

 A Scenic View. Amazing!

Busan Falls.

Rondalla and Dance Group

Before going back , they  took us to  Rondalla and Dance Group housed in a Nipa Hut along the river. Where young and old group entertained us by plying popular local songs and dances. 

 I couldn't help but to join! At first nobody dared to go down  and join until they saw me !

My mom joined the Tinikling dance!
It atmosphere was fun and friendly ! We all  enjoyed the 10 minute show and showed it by giving donation.

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