Friday, June 17, 2011

Blue diamonds

I find diamonds beautiful...

 mysterious and amazing

These thoughts  inspired me to create this look

Eyes with blue diamonds....

So I played this song....

Lets start
Naked eyes

Apply a light blue base more than half to your lid
This will add intense to the colors that we are going to use.
I use the ever bilena advance cream shadow in Sandra

 mix this two colors together(light blue) and apply it on top of the base. 
Add the matte one first then the shimmery one next

get a dark blue eye shadow and apply it into the remaining space in the lid

then get a gold eye shadow and apply it into your crease

then apply a dark bronze eyes shadow to your outer crease...

then use a shimmering white eyeshadow as your highlight
and apply in to your brow bone. This will make all the colors shine:)

again, apply these two colors together in to your lower lash line

Apply your favorite eye liner  to your water liner and liquid eye liner to your upper lash line

now, into the diamonds
 bought these gems from cdr king and Craft store

Used an eye lash glue and apply the glue first to where you want to put the gem 

 then apply the gem using a tweezers

Add more. I used bigger gems that has slightly darker shade

Then apply the white ones to your lid. You can add more if you want...

I'm done....

Your eyes should spark like diamonds...

shine like crystals

and be beautiful like the stars...

have a fabulous day!

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D.Sadie said...

I have that elf palette too! I lvoe the look with the diamonds.


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