Sunday, February 9, 2014

White Christmas in Boracay

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love

I never thought in my whole life that I will ever experience white Christmas in boracay. Yes, people said that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but it is also the most expensive time of the year to go to Boracay…But since the universe seems to have a different plan for us, we changed our original plans and went to Boracay on Christmas day.

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas….

Hearing that Christmas song on our way to Jetty port made me think about my bucket list. One of the things I must do is to experienced white Christmas with all its glorious snow, cold weather and snow man. Seeing photos like these made me want to experience the white Christmas

But suddenly I remembered that my body is not really good with cold weather. A simple blow from Hanging Amihan can make me sick with cough and flu already so I guess snow will make it worse. So I thought of an alternative way to have white Christmas with my family without getting sick but still white, cold, and christma-sy…

Boracay is known for having the finest white sand in the Philippines and vibrant night life as well. I’ve been dreaming about Boracay since I was in college but then I learned and read about Boracay being “over crowded”, “somewhat damaged” and “over developed” !My interest slowly faded and almost forgotten about it. Heck, Boracay was not even included in my bucket list anymore. Then my 92 years old father finally said yes to come with us for our trip, Boracay came up to my mind. Okey, so maybe it was time to see her, the once called “ the best beach in the world..”

“A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” — Moslih Eddin Saadi

Some people said that don't  believe everything that you read or hear. And they were right. To each their own. It is very important that you go there and experience the place yourself  before your judge. Go there with open heart, curious mind and you will see what you needed to see, feel what you needed to feel. For that, I think I owe Boracay an apology.

Picture perfect Boracay

She was still stunningly beautiful. Super fine white sand, turquoise clear water, picturesque scenery. Whoever said that Boracay is not beautiful anymore must think twice. Yes it was my first time to see her but I have seen beautiful beaches as well, stunning and virgin beaches. But for me the beauty of Boracay is different. Maybe it's the ambiance, the people, I don’t really know.  I cannot really explain, you have to go there and experience it yourself. But now I understand why people kept coming back. It was really a paradise.

My 92 years old father enjoying Boracay. Until now he was still in awe with this paradise. Every time he hears any news about this island, he listen intently.

Crystal Cove

Going here during Christmas season was perfect. The weather was cool, the water seems bluer and there was this happy ambiance everywhere. I finally achieved my white Christmas. But instead of snow, we had white, fine sand. Yes, it was crowded but I think that’s one beauty of the island. Seeing all kinds of people enjoying Boracay made me proud to be a Filipino.

Beautiful Paraw sailing

Calm and serene beach if you wake up early…

I never thought that I will enjoy Boracay this much. But I did, we did. Every morning we will go to the beach and swim, play in the sand.  Eat lunch and had our siesta time. In the afternoon, we will go back to the beach, swim and watch stunning sunset.

Sunset at willy’s rock

My beautiful mom enjoying the sunset of Boracay

At night time, we usually walk around d’mall, watch fire dancers and eat sinigang. I mean Boracay’s version of sinigang was really really yummy. Boracay is also convenient! Everything that you need is already there, from cheap to expensive food, to atm and mall, d'mall.


I don't know if its the mystique or charm of Boracay that draws  people in.  Maybe its the sunset, beaches or the thrilling adventure but there is something more than Boracay that make some people i know wanting more. Yes, I do want to comeback, someday..

Boracay is a sweet escape to a whole new world where you can let loose, be someone else and no one will judge you. To each their own, Boracay's charm maybe experience differently by every one- but its there. Just open your heart and let her spell come to you...

I hope you come here and experience it yourself.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

2GO travel: Boracay by the sea

2go-Batangas to  Boracay

The last time I traveled by the sea, I was only 5 years old and had a blurred memory about it. A friend of mine actually suggested 2go travel if ever I wanted to go to Boracay, but I was having  second thoughts thinking that the long hour of journey(10 hours) might bore me to death. But when chyng reyes blogged about it and gave it a thumbs up, I became interested and pitched about it with my parents who was then planning  our grand vacation. They loved the idea so I wasted no time and booked a round trip ticket to Boracay…on Christmas day.

Three days before our trip, 2go texted be that the scheduled trip On Dec. 25 was cancelled but I had an option to take the next trip on Dec. 26 or refund. I was soo mad!  We planned to stay in Boracay for four days and three nights but because of the “cancelled” trip magiging 3 days and 2 nights na lng. That was so Bitin! No way. We were all Boracay virgins and we planned to spend as much time as possible especially that my 92 years old father will join us for the first time. So I just refunded the tickets and booked us  one way trip via Airasia.  We will take na lng the ship on our way back. It was the best decision I've ever made! Why? Because we will have longer days in Paradise! Yun nga lang, abonado talaga ako. So I told myself this is the first and the last time na sasakay ako sa 2go. Kainis!

December was super peak season in Boracay, so as expected there was a long Que upon boarding the ship. But nobody was complaining because we were all excited to finally experienced travelling by the sea. According to some blogs , its better to  travel by the sea going to Boracay then take an airplane upon departure . On our part, it was better that we traveled by the sea when leaving Boracay because it made leaving the paradise island bearable, I know you all know what I mean^_^

On our way to Cabin room
We were delighted as we aboard the 2go Ship. We loved the color combination of green and magenta. The crew is very efficient and fast. They are always ready to give you a smile as they are very accommodating as well despite the crowd. After receiving our cabin room key, we were assisted by a very vivacious crew to our room.

 We soo loved the cabin room! It was good for four people; with our own private bath, sockets and flat screen tv. Our bed is very comfy, with pillows and warm linens. Home sweet home.  Cabin room also comes with free lunch .While we were waiting for lunch time, my uncle and I decided to look for the other available accommodations.

At the upper deck of the ship, you can find the super value type of accommodation. Non air con, shared bathroom but comfortable enough because of the air coming from the sea breeze.  Smoking is also allowed in this area which I must say a big no, no for us.

Tourist is an air con type accommodation which also include pillow without linen. You can bring your own “kumot” or you can rent them with  minimal fee. This one is spacious enough with shared bathroom. Good for big families and groups.  The air con was freezing.

Now it’s time to eat.

Horizon Café

Hurray for the free meal. Para matunaw ang kinain, we decided to explore more…

We loved it here…very relaxing!

After a while, we went back to our cabin room and dozed off. Ok so I finally forgave 2go travel because we did really had a great time sailing.

  Bring your own Food. The long hours of sailing will definitely make you hungry big time. So bringing extra snacks and drinks is a must. It was like having a pick nick with family inside the ship.

  If you’re in tourist accommodation, it is better to bring your own, thicker linen. Yes, you can rent one but it’s not thick enough because it was really freezing  grrr!

 Upon arrival, Cabin and state room will have the privilege to go out first. Don’t try to sneak yourself out by being a “tambay” at the lobby. The crew will ask you to return to your room when the ship docks.

2go departs Batangas at 8pm; Arrives in Boracay at 7am
departs Boracay at 8am; Arrives in Batangas 7pm

 Overall, 2go Travel is a must try. I loved how relaxing and smooth our travel was. 
Parang nasa bahay ka lang. The staff are friendly and helpful.
 My family did really enjoy our experienced by the sea. Thanks 2go:)

Friday, January 3, 2014

My best moments of 2013 (Photo Diary)

2013 was a kind year to me. I was blessed with travel opportunities with my love ones. I also had a chanced to experienced my first ever international trip. And before the year ends, my 92 years father joined his itchy feet family for a trip to Boracay. I  may not have traveled as extensively as others but this year, I accomplished a lot from my bucket list.

Its my first time to write a year end blog and I hope you bear with me...hehe, so these are my best moments of 2013.

**I started my year spending my holidays with my family and love ones. We celebrated my aunt's retirement during new years eve and the next day, we bonded together and made a super yummy buko salad. I love spending time with relatives.

Time is limited; emotions are short. Don't spread yourself too thin. Focus on the close relationships you have now. These are the folks who'll stand by your side no matter what. You'll have plenty of time in the coming weeks to make new acquaintances.

**My Aunt from Hawaii came to Philippines for a vacation and invited me to join their hundred islands trip.It was my first time to go to Pangasinan although some of my relatives already visited that place more than once, maybe she enjoyed my company kaya niya ako niyaya.

***Eversince I heard and learned about Coron, I have always wanted to go there and explore. I stalked a lot of blogs just to learn about it and to see how beautiful it is through photos. Last April' I finally had the chanced to get lost in the paradise called Coron...

***My parents went and visit my sister and their grandson in Australia!

***This is the reason why I finally got a Passport, a promised for an international trip. I was finally lost in the city of Dragon: Hongkong

***I never expected anything from Macau. It was just a side trip from our hongkong Trip. But when I saw how enchanting it is, I was lost...

***My cousin's 18 birthday and we were all excited to attend her fabulous debut party Hawaiian themed (my idea by the way) ^_^

 Beautiful Girls right????

***I thought my husband was just joking  but it was true pala. His dream finally came true, he has his own van na, time for a road trip!

***On our wedding anniversary, my husband and I had a road trip around San Pablo Laguna.

Pandin Lake (Oh, I really forgot to blog about this)

***Our huling hirit sa tag-init trip. On our first three days, we visited the mysterious island of Camiguin.

***Another off to my bucket list, white water rafting..

***A humbling experienced, seeing the majestic Maria Cristina falls whom i only saw in the faded books during elementary and high school years.

***Conquered Asia's longest Zipline in Dahilayan Adventure park

***Sa wakas, I  bought a real camera(panasonic lumix fz100) to use for my travels. I also sold that not so good speedo underwater camera and bought nikon aw100 for those underwater scene.

***My Auntie had an accident that almost took her life away. Thank God she was now okey and on her way to recovery. We gave her a thanks giving simple celebration.

***Second time in a row, we organized a  Christmas party for the children at Hardin de Maria Orphanage. This one is truly a heart warming experienced, seeing those smiles on their faces.

**** Before the year ends, My 92 years old father went with us for the first time to experience white Christmas in Boracay. It was the BEST trip I've ever had!

I had blast in 2013! Thank you Lord for everything!