Sunday, May 3, 2015

10 Ways to enjoy Boracay with Senior Citizen.

We were all excited when my 90 years old father agreed to come with us in Boracay. All of us  were Boracay Virgins so I researched like crazy to make this trip comfortable and memorable for everyone especially to my 90 years old father.

After 5 days in Paradise I could say it was the best trip ever! We had a great time and we made beautiful memories that would last a lifetime. This experienced inspired me to write a post that would help everyone out there who wants to travel with their elderly love ones..So here are the ways to enjoy and have a blast in Boracay with our lovable Senior Citizens.

1. Ride a fast craft

As I have said before,  comfort is one of the main concern I had with this trip. Thank God I discovered about the fast craft. So instead of a regular pump boat we opted for fast craft from Golden Star.  For an additional of P5.00  from the fare of pump boat we enjoyed an air conditioned cabin, cushioned  seats and faster travel time (5 minutes versus 15 minutes). 

2. People watching.

Come on guys, let them do whatever they want. If they wanted to just sit in the sand near the beach, let them. It is the perfect place for them to watch people passing by. My father did that every morning and afternoon while we went swimming nearby. They just wanted to relax and feel the breeze while sipping taho...sounds perfect right?

3. Island Hopping

My father was hesitant to join us in our island hopping adventure but when my mum told him it was already paid (sayang kung hindi ka sasama) he agreed^_^ and he enjoyed so much.

4. Paraw Sailing

one of my favorite ride
I think aside from island hopping, paraw sailing if one of the best way to experienced the beach.  A paraw is a locale sail boat with two outriggers and two sails. Not only we had experienced the best sunset so far but it was also a very relaxing ride.  

5. Exercise

My father loves to exercise and one of the reason he enjoyed Boracay was the chanced he had to exercised in a super fine sand with amazing view. Also breathing salty air is good for our health.

6. Shopping and Dining at D'mall

Shoppin at D'mall is something you must not fail to do.   It is indeed the biggest shopping mall in the island. You can buy different souvenirs like shirts, key chains, ref magnet and many more. It is where you can find cheap places to eat like andoks and mang inasal. Every night we usually dine here and stroll around.  

7. Play in the sand and Watch Sunset.

Boracay Sunset is one Amazing Moment that everyone must Experience.

Who says that only kids can play in the sand??? Aside from crystal clear water, Boracay is also known for its powdery sand. Never cease an opportunity to play with it and let our senior have the opportunity to play and enjoy Boracay's legendary sand. 

 8. Drink Buko Juice

My father enjoying his drink during island hopping...

In a world where people usually prefers drinking coke, wine and beer, our seniors still prefers refreshing drink like buko juice to feel the essence of tropical vacation. Coconut has less sugar so its also very good to our health. 

9. Celebrate special occasion  

Love ones , Paradise, Birthday. A perfect recipe for an unforgettable birthday celebration. My uncle thanked us a thousand times for doing this to him. He said that it was the first time he had birthday celebration  and I can tell that he was deeply touched. My uncle is always  been very nice to us especially with my father and we think this is a perfect way to show our gratitude to him.  

10. Ride A ship.

We wanted to experience a different mode of transportation so I thought 2go was a good alternative. We all believed that this is a must try especially if you have seniors on board. The trip was smooth and my father enjoyed his time watching his favorite sport in the cabin. He and my uncle roamed round the ship, check other accommodation and ate in cafeteria. They said now its more fun to travel by the sea.

We had a blast in Boracay!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Neo in the Philippines (Villa Escudero)

My mommy told me that we will go to Villa Escudero with everybody! I asked her what's that? My tita Leah answered me " Neo, there is a big water fall there! " That made me veeery excited.

Look!  I'm playing the Guitar
The people at Villa Escudero was wearing cute Filipino traditional clothes.  They also gave us a yummy gulaman as welcome drinks.

What's that thing mommy? 
It's a carabao..

Meet Everybody! 

I was so excited when I saw our  ride. A cart with a carabao!  There was also a man and a woman serenading us while going to the big waterfalls. I don't know the meaning of the song but it seems that everybody knew it. They were all singing even my tatay!

have I told you how much I love the stairs?

I was very hungry so we went straight to that big water falls where the food was being served. I could hear the sound of gushing water...shhh..shhh

look at that! The big waterfall. 

"Mommy i wanna go swimming..."
"No, you have to eat first, Neo"

"ok, I will eat with tatay..."

Nanay and Tita Leah getting some food. Please give me more Sweet potato. I like it very much...

"Neo, do you want to stay here in the Philippines?"
me: " I live here..."
"Hala kyo..."

See, I love that sweet potato. I ate all the sugar and then gave it to tita Leah.
Oh, I also like  pancit. I'm eating it using my hand.

'Im so wet...!

 Uncle nilo, Don't hold me...

Wee, oh i love this! I'm skating in the water and No one is holding me...

I want to be a skater boy one day or maybe a surfer...

A baby Carabao! i want to ride this...

After we ate our lunch and took millions of photo in that big waterfall we went to the fishing area where we can ride a raft and catch fish..

a kept looking around and admiring the view while contemplating about my life,,,

Wow! What a beautiful place.

Wow, a pool

Mommy: Kuya pwede siya mag rafting?
Kuya: Hindi po mam dapat po seven years old.
Mommy: Neo, you cannot go rafting your only four years old
Neo: huhuhu (tears falling on my check) i wanna go rafting mommy huhuhu
Tita Leah: Malaking bulas  naman si Neo dapat sinabi nating seven na sya
Daddy: Come on neo were gonna go fishing...

Mommy and Daddy enjoying while i'm sulking...

Hay, That's Tita leah and Uncle Nilo...

The "kuya" told us if we catch a fish they will cook it for us...but i think we've been tricked.

we kept of fishing still no fish... 

come on fish I promise not to cook you

Still waiting but no fish.... 

 maybe if i turn this upside down the fish will bite our bait...

Hah! We didn't catch any and I'm already hungry! I want to eat something cold.

a pink museum...

We went inside and I saw a lot of amazing things! Cameras were not allowed so we didn't take any photos.  I wanted to get something as a souvenir but they said the police will catch me...

Weee! I'm flying!

We went to the playground and i played for a while...

I thought it would be nice if we did a customary photo by the welcome sign.

"Mommy, can we go back here tomorrow?" 

For rates and info you can check out 
the website of Villa Escudero
We paid P1,200 pesos each for the day tour 
and that includes buffet lunch. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Neo in the Philippines (Cabanatuan and Philippine Arena)

Hello everyone! My name is Neo and I'm from Australia. I'm here to tell you about my adventure in the Philippines. It was my first time to come here and I did have a wonderful time! My tita Leah allowed me to have a series of post here in her  blog so i hope  you all follow me in my adventure.

Credit to the owner

On our first day we went straight to Cabanatuan city and stayed in a nice and quite hotel. I loved hotels! They also have a pool but i didn't have the time to swim. I'm so busy.

 Look my tatay visited me! my tatay hugged me...

 I missed him so much and I think he missed me too. He said that i will have a birthday party  in his house the filipino way.

So many kids and so many food! Sorry for my serious face, I'm a bit shy...

Look, a Poso! I have never seen anything like this before, and that's' my daddeh by the way.

Vicentico's Restaurant

The next day, my mommy and daddy invited some on their friends to meet and eat at Vicentico's restaurant. My tita Leah said that it is one of the famous restaurant here in Cabanatuan. Hmmnn, I hope their food is really, really good coz i'm starving!

That's my tatay and my uncle. I loved their swing!

yummy! My mommy and daddy loved the chicharon bulaklak that they ordered it twice! Tita Leah liked their sisig and torta, you know the eggplant with meat inside.
Happy Tummy, happy me!

Hapag Vicenticos
1077 Del Pilar St. Cabanatuan City

The Philippine Arena

Look at me, I'm so pogi.

Our first stop was the Philippine sports stadium. It was big and beautiful. Maybe one day I will play football  here.

Look! Its so beautiful...

I'm doing the Korean pose...

Me and my mom. I loved stairs...really!

It was hot but fun day! Tatay was driving the cart:)


My mom  told me that she and daddy grew up eating at Jollibee. They said I have to meet him. So  here I am. 

Yummy..but I was so tired I fell sleep while eating...zzz....zzzz
Bye for now!