Sunday, March 20, 2011

gold and purple

Graduation is just around the corner and this is my first graduation being THE teacher. What the best way to celebrate graduation? Combining my two favorite colors! Gold and purple!

Heres's the look I have created...

Start with a naked eye..

Use a dark brown shadows and apply it to your crease


Next, choose a shadow that is closest to your skin tone and apply it to your brow bone

TAP your favorite gold eyeshadow all over your lid. I used Ellana eyeshadow in gorgeous

And for the glitters, I used the ever bilena glitter liner
Tap it CAREFULLY on top of the gold shadow.

Flatten the glitters carefully using an eyeshadow brush

Apply a purple eyeshadow to your lower lash line
Add black liner to your upper lashline


Since I'm planning to have this look on Graduation day, I tried to experiment using different lipstick. The eyes is dramatic enough so I used light color lipstick.

Here are the looks:)


 Frosted light pink with falsies

Nude pink

Product used
Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid Make-up
Loreal Translucide Loose Powder
Elf 100 Eyeshadow Palette
Ellana eyeshadow in gorgeous
Ever bilena glitter liner
Careline lipsgloss 01
CoverGirl westslicks Lipgloss
Forgot the last one...just used any nude lipstick you have:)
Have a fabulous day!


augustalolita said...

great make up!! love the gold and purple <3 and awesome photos!!

Leah said...

Thanks!!and thankyou for visiting my blog:)

Kikay Morena said...

Purple seems to be your favorite! :) And gorgeous really looks like MAC's pigment on your photos! They're really a must keep, aren't they? :D

Anonymous said...

wow!! ur a great make-up artist..