Saturday, January 7, 2012

Palawan Trip: day 2(Underground River)

Our second day itinerary is to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site-Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, also known as the Underground River:)
I was overly excited visiting this place. Your palawan trip will never be complete without the PPur. 

Here is our funny tour guide, telling a funny story.

Riding a boat, enjoying the sea and fresh air

 Sabang beach was indeed a surprise. The view was spectacular and the sand was very soft.

 Ok, time to meet the celebrity...

Hard hats and life vests are necessary. Be sure to close your mouth once you are inside.
The moment you open your mouth, a bat's wiwi or poohpoh  might accidentally fall into your mouth.

It would have been pitch black without the light from our small boat.  The cave has a 8.2 km navigable underground river but tourists are only allowed to reach up to 1 km. 

Our boatman successfully entertained us during our boat ride. Telling corny but funny joke.
He showed us all the stalactites and stalagmites that look like a..... mushroom.

The cathedral..

Sharon Stone, can u see her butt???


On our way out...fascinating right?

The 45 minutes went by so fast, but what an experience! 
Underground river was mesmerizing.

These monitor lizards ( bayawak) freely roamed the grounds of the park.Don't be afraid, they are shy:)

A souvenir photo from the underground river!

It was still early so the driver prompted us to visit the UGONG ROCK!

Caving started for a couple of years where tourists can tour inside the rock and climb up to the top of the limestone. A pair of gloves and helmet is given to those who will take the challenge.
Caving is 200 and zipline is 250.I  forgot how much I paid because I only did half caving and short zipline. 
(The higher and longer one was closed due to land property problem):(

It was indeed fun and adventurous day!

Honda Bay,
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