Saturday, December 25, 2010

loving me

  • Love your self before you love others...yes this is true. How can you love others when your yourself doesn't even like you. I used to be like that. I often felt a spang of jealousy towards skinny bitch out there. I felt like i was not pretty enough, smart enough and kind enough. Everything was not enough! Therefore i ended up alone, scared and with a very low self steem.
  • I used to have a lot of friends. I mean, there is nothing wrong with having a lot of friends as long as you know your boundries. Me, at that time, i have no boundries:( I gave my all specially to my best friend. I allowed her to live with me for free, be with her when her boyfriend dumb her and helping her find her new boyfriend.. and i ended up alone, betrayed and hurt by her. I love her with all my heart, and I thought that maybe, i was not worthy enough of her love.
so, how did I stand up from all of this????
  • I begin to love my self! Just like what my cousin said, "so what can I do if she's prettier than me? I just have to accept that fact and move on, becoz if I get insecure, I'll become unhappy." Woah! Those words woke me up! So what if i dont have a body of a goddess? This doesn't mean that I cannot dress well! I can dress whatever I want and to hell with what other people might say! so what if im not skinny enough! This doesn't mean i'll just hide my face under the table. I'll flaunt it becoz i can do make-up and be fat and fabulous! so what if other people think i was not pretty enough? I rather be ordinary looking but smart than be pretty 'dumb' right?
  • Regarding with my "ex-bestfriend, i let her go...and then I found out that she was one of the people who is full of insecurty and envousness! I mean, if i remember it right, she often gets angry when other people say good things about me!She doesn't encourage me if I wanted to do something but instead, she tried to discourage me! I don't need a friend like that! I don't need a lot of friend! I just need one true friend who will accept me for what I am:)
One thing I learned from this is to value your self worth. Accept and love what you are and you will definitely feel great and confident. Improve what you can improve and accept what you cannot. You can have friends but know your boundries and learn to choose. Most of all, love and appreciate your family, becoz if all else fails, and everybody let you down, your family will always be there for you:)

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