Sunday, December 26, 2010

True joys of life...

One of life's great discoveries is that joy comes from the enjoyment and appreciation of simple things—the sun on you face, the sound of you lover's voice, rereading your favorite book. But the true essence of joy is found in giving...

Compliment three people every day
Don't overlook life's small blessings ,enjoy while searching for the big ones 

Travel. See new places, but remember to take along an open mind.  

       Street musician are are treasure. Stop for a moment and listen, then leave a small donation.

Count your blessing.

Never be ashamed of laughter that's too loud or singing that is too joyful.

. If you make a lot of money, put it to use helping others while you are living. That is the wealths greatest satistaction.

Never miss an opportunity to ride a roller coaster

 Give someone a precious gift of forgiveness.

Make a new friends but cherish the old ones. 

Learn to play musical instrument.

Take a nap on Sunday afternoon.

Learn to make something beautiful with your hands.

Life will sometimes hand you a magical moments. Savor it.  

Read more books 

Watch less TV  

Smile A lot. It costs nothing and is beyond price.

  Seek out the good in people. 

Never laugh at anyone's dreams
Love someone who doesn't deserve it. 

Refrain from envy. It's the source of much unhappiness.*******

Don't postpone joy.

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