Monday, April 11, 2011

Brain VS Beauty

If someone asked you, beauty or brain? What will you choose?

I have read somewhere that they prepared beauty more than brain. They said that it is easier to achieve Brain that beauty? Really? How? Study, read, read and study? Watch the news, talk with confidence and pretend you’re super smart human being? No, I don’t think so. I had this classmate in high school, who isn’t that smart but trying her best to at least pass our exams one at a time.  I heard her memorizing a single word like.. maybe six times! And when it was quiz time, she had still forgotten that one word she had memorized a lot of times! I’m not saying that it was hopeless, I am just saying that be intellectual, you have to work hard on it, with sweat and blood, or be lucky enough to be born with such a gift.

I also read that girls with beauty but no brains can work in modeling industry, beauty contest or an actress! I totally disagree! In beauty contest like the miss universe or miss world, you definitely need a brain to answer the question to win the crown! or else be the talk of the town as the beautiful but  no brainer … and  have you watched the America’s next top model? Do you think those girls are not brainy???? And based on my experience… people who have more brains earned more respect that those who have not… I have this co-worker who is really beautiful; she is often admired by everyman around us. Envy for everyone! Beauty plus oozing sex appeal! Just..Don’t mind her grammars, or her diction or her constant errors at work and the lack of common sense. The worst part is the attitude. She didn’t want to be rectify when she makes mistakes! She cannot accept the facts the she needs help on the academic side. I’m not saying that she was impossible, everyone is willing to help her, the problem is really her… I was honestly disappointed with a person like that.  She was like an empty box of chocolate.

If you have the brain, you are more likely to succeed, but you have to mix the brain with the right attitude.  I have this friend who always wanted to work on the front desk. But she isn’t tall enough and had an ordinary appearance. So she was assigned to work inside the office. But being “brainy” she worked her way out by answering phone calls and giving an accurate information with wit and enthusiasm. Soon, everyone was asking to talk to her and almost immediately, she was assigned to work at the front desk. Being brainy can really help you get what you want….

I’m not saying this to criticized beautiful girls, but I’m just showing the fact that being brainy has more advantages. And it doesn’t hurt if you are going to try to improve your self from time to time.  It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, it is never too late to try and enhance your self not just in the outside but also in the inside, and in the intellectual side. Believe me, it will make your life different and it will help you boost up your confidence.

This is just my view..and everybody has different opinions . I love to hear yours… brainy look! LOL

Have a fabulous day!

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