Sunday, April 24, 2011

La Laguna:The Festival of Life

Vacation time! I love vacation! 
So my co teachers and I went to Sta.cruz laguna to watch the La Laguna:The Festival of Life 2011. It was awesome! Filipino Creativeness was shown everywhere!
This festival, which is the first of its kind, unites all the 26 towns and 4 cities of the Province of Laguna in four major events. First stop: The  Trade Fair Booth Competition, showing each provinces unique style and products!

 First, camwhoring time LOL

 This is really beautiful

Nice Itik...lays a golden egg

A view from the top

Can I have the frog??????

Beautiful Lanters!

Oooops! Me again....


Love these Shoes! Super Colorful


Beside a super large slipper.

My all time favorite! Mango Shake...


Next, the parade of gowns! These gowns are actually made from recycled materials! Really! and they are gorgeous!

Made form plastics with various colors! Nice!

 OMG, Its Ursula..LOL

I think this one is made form plastics and straws


Made from Tetra Packs! Awesome

I would like to wear this one! Would you believe this is made from old news papers? Yep

OK, Shopping time!

Vegetable! Anyone???

OK, so I am super tired after this. MY butt is literary aching from the long hours of travelling, but It was a such a good day.  I'm really proud to be a Filipino:)

Have a fabulous day!

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