Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rainy day look

I look out the window.....

as I listened to this song
(hope you play this song as you go on  reading  my blog)

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It's Raining....
Rainy season is now approaching the Philippines.
Again, I'm kinda Emo today. I actually love rainy Days. Its cool, serene and peaceful.
When It rained, i love to go to sleep,
...go to the mall..
or watched a DVD , sipping hot soup and cuddling with hubby:)
I love rainy days...
As I look up the sky, I wonder what If I mix all those colors in my eyes....

Hmmn, white, gray, blue and black

 The sky inspired me to this look...

Lets start...

Apply a white eyeshadow base all over the lid
I used the fashion 21 stick eyeshadow/liner in pearl.

What I love about this is that you can use it as an eyeshadow or a liner.
and it has a silky finish.

then take a white eyeshadow and apply it to the white base.
I used the white eyeshadow from elf 100 palette because  it has this pearl finish that I want.

Next is to choose light blue eyeshadow and apply it into the crease sweeping it back and forth

Get a light gray eyeshadow and apply it on top of the light blue

Get a clean fluffy bush and blend the two colors together in a windshield wiper motion.

Grab you favorite dark gray eyeshadow and apply it into the crease.
Crease is where the eye sockets sinks in:)

 Again, blend all the colors to avoid any harsh line.

now, to have more dept in your eyes, apply a black eyeshadow into the Outer V

Now, take a navy blue eyeshadow and apply it into the lower lash line.

Line your water line with a black eyeliner and your upper lash line with a black liquid eye liner

Using the fashion 21 stick eyeshadow/liner, I  highlight the inner corner of my eyes.

This will make your eyes pop, like a lightning LOL!


We can still be beautiful during  rainy days...

be cool as a water..

and  serene like  rain drops.

have a fabulous rainy day....!


cominica-ai said...

the music is sooooo relaxing~~
love it!
and the looks is so into the song! :D

Sweethestia said...

I love the color sissy... it's so cool....

fat and fabulouss said...

@:cominica-ai, yeah luv this song too:)