Thursday, February 24, 2011

my inspirations...

Hello fabs! Here is the list of fabulous women who became my inspiration in building this blog. These women are beautiful, smart, sassy and most of all, the have embraced their fat and fabulous body! Read on and get inspired to embrace your true you and be fabulous forever:)
Queen Latifa
                The queen of fabulousness, who would forget her golden voice, smiling face and glowing skin? What would you not love about Queen latifa? Her success story I think brings hope to everyone that no matter who you are , what color your skin is or what type of body you have, you can be successful as long as you stay true to your self. I have read in an article that although she is a plus size, the queen have learned to accept her stature and played her best foot forward. “I wasn't the best-looking student. But I thought I was cute," she tells PEOPLE. "I was well-liked and definitely had style.:)

Jane of drop dead diva
                The First time I saw this; I fell in love with the show almost immediately. I love Jane and I love her character!  I Love how she learned to accept her substantial body and brilliant mind to mix with her beauty queen ways!  I think that how we should be, no matter what we look like. We should not stop learning and evolving our self!  Life is a never ending process of learning and aside from keeping up your inner and outer beauty; I think we must never stop feeding our brains as well. So read, learn and be smart and fabulous!

Bituin Escalante
                She is a world class theater actress and a diva... as her name suggests, Bituin Escalante is a star. I love her powerful voice and diva- like personality. But, most of all, I love the way how she shows –up her curves .She loves to wear sexy clothes and she wore it with confidence. She is my role model! I accepted my fat body because of her. I think all of us should, too. Whether you’re bigger or you’re smaller. Just accept who you truly are, your arms, your tummy, your thighs and not worrying about how other people may view you.

Whitney Thompson
                Who would ever forget the large and lovely Whitney Thompson? The first full-figure model to win America's Next Top Model! She is beautiful just the way she is and she never let anybody turn her down. She is truly an inspiration and gave everyone hope the becoming a top models aren’t t just for skinny women.

Marlena Stell
                One of my favorite YouTube guru out there is the fabulous founder and CEO of Marlena Stell.  She is so creative and I could easily follow all her instruction in applying make-up. I was also inspired on how she lost her weight in a natural way. She is so sweet and so honest enough by sharing that she had undergone surgery to improved her look. I love it when she said that all she wanted was an average body, not skinny model-ly like. She is smart and beautiful.  I am truly inspired by her honesty and sunny personality.

So there it is, hope this inspires you to be the best that you can be...
Here is my photo of the day. I am actually trying to sports a red lips so I ordered Avon ultra color  rich mega impact lipstick in rocking red. But, to my disappointment, it not “the red” that I am expecting. Its kinda plummy red with darkened glitters. It’s looks good on pictures though…

Have a fabulous day..:)