Sunday, December 18, 2011

Palawan trip:day 1 (city tour)

One of the places I have dreamed of visiting is Palawan. So last, Nov. 1 -5. Me, my mom and my Aunt pack our bags and headed to our dream destination: PALAWAN-the last frontier...

Arrival at Puerto Prinsesa Airport:)

We stayed at Mercedes Bed and breakfast but we are super excited that we immediately changed our clothes, and hit our city tour. By the way, we ate our lunch at Badjao seafront ( will make a separate post about that)

First stop: Plaza Quartel

Isn't that a sad story? Even the trees here seems sad too:(

A stop by at bumble Jeep:)

 Binatuan is a weaving factory where they use fiber grass.They sell gorgeous bag but a little pricey.  Calvin Klein has allegedly commissioned some of the pieces here.

Mom trying to weave...

Butterfly Garden is a private entity whose aim is to conserve native butterflies. Visitors can have closer observation on these fascinating creatures and to help create awareness in the conservation of nature

 Bakers hill

 I initially thought that bakers hill is just a bakery on top of the hill. Right! but aside from that the place actually offers more:)


As I walk through the area, I felt like a kid again! This place reminded me of disney land! We had to take pictures with bugs bunny,dino's, donald duck, marilyn monroe and other. Every one-from young to adult would love this beautiful park!

Sadly, the bakery was actually closed because its holiday(Nov1) so I haven't tried their bread. We bought their famous hopia, pancit and turon. Love their turon:) 
Palawan is super clean and the locals are so friendly. There are no taxi's here and one of their main transportation is their cute tricycle which my mom love!

Honda Bay,
Palawan City Tour

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