Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lucban, Quezon

One of the main tourist attraction in Lucban, Quezon is the infamous Kamay ni Jesus (Hands of Jesus). My friends had been planning this trip and they tagged me all along although "I'm not really a catholic.But curiosity got better for me and I have been wanting to go to Quezon..

Our destination...a long flight of stairs leading to the top of the hill where the a gigantic image of Jesus Christ is erected. The place had a "nature Feel " into it and its perfect for nature lovers out there.

A mass was being held and my colleagues have decided to attend the mass, so i was left alone to wonder around and  took some photos.

Me time....

As I was waiting, I saw this one legged old man who was using two small chairs to get himself inside the church. Talking about faith...:)

Sadly, my friends didn't get a chance to experience the healing mass because apparently, the need to present a  "ticket" which we haven't got and had no idea about it. Disappointed, we decided to finally climb the hands of Jesus.

So we started.....

i love it how they tell a story, as you go up and up...

It's soo hot! My feet aches and I think I lost a lot of weight! LOL

Finally! We reached the 50-foot monument of Jesus Christ!

Here's view from the top!
Its kinda fulfilling to finally reached the top and feel the cool air on your hot, burnt skin :)

As we go down, I felt that my stomach was growling! 

Quezon trip will never be complete if you will not try their famous pancit habhab

I love their puto and their budin! yumyum

Also, one of the main attraction here is the  concrete replica of Noah's Ark. It is a building retreat that  resemble the ancient boat where Noah's family took refuge from the Great Flood along with pairs of animals.

It was such a wonderful day and i had a blast. We bought some langonisa and budin for pasalubong. We actually stayed at my friend's house in Batangas. I love Batangas! The locals are sweet and friendly and their accent is super cute ! ala eh!

Have a fabulous day!

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