Friday, June 1, 2012

Palawan trip day 4: Dos Palmas

Dos Palmas is one of the luxury Resort in Palawan and is also famous for the abu sayyaf kidnapping and the sudden death of the famous local actor Rico Yan. But hey, those are in the past and besides there are some marines and navy people roaming round the island for everyone's safety.

I dreamed of coming to Dos Palmas and now, my dream finally came true. I will get to experience of spending an entire day to a famous luxury resort and see the beauty of nature God has given to us.

We were greeted by the Dos Palmas singing staff and their song was upbeat and very welcoming. They also gave us sweet ice tea.

Orientation time while sipping cold tea. Dos Palmas day tour will cost you P1,800 which includes a very generous lunch and free use for some of their facilities like kayak, snorkeling gear and much more.

Time for my favorite part! photo shoot ....

 After touring around dos palmas, we finally settled down for a while at the beach front sipping milk and a hot tea.When you order a food/ drink, a waiter will actually deliver it to you, wherever you are.

 This is life..quite, relaxing and peaceful .
    a day is not enough to tour the whole island.

    You can use the swimming pool for an extra buck of P500.00

foot massage, anyone?

We did some kayaking too, and tried some of their facilities. Dos Palmas wasn't  crowded and people usually are relaxing and sleeping by the beach so can use the facilities on your own as long as you like.

Dart, table tennis and billiards, just some of their free facilities that we tried.

 After a very tiring day and tons of photo shoot, Its time to eatttt!They said that you only paid for the food and they were right! After seeing that buffet table, I couldn't help but to think that this is my last day and I'll get electrocuted tomorrow LOL!

 Visiting Palawan was indeed an awesome and fulfilling experience. I have learned that life can be simple yet beautiful. That we can fulfill our dream if we put our heart in it. I dreamed of travel ling to Palawan and It finally did come true. Spending  five days in Palawan with my mom and auntie Virgie was indeed a heart warming experience.These people are like my stars, shinning through my life---Leah

Honda Bay,
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