Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blue and glittery Green (Palawan inspired look)

As I roamed around Palawan, there are colors that stands out. Green and blue. 
These colors inspired me to do this glittery/blue makeup look.
Just like Palawan, greenish, bluish and glittering...

Start by applying a light green eyeshadow to the half part of your lid.

Then apply this teal eyeshadow to the remaining half of your lid and carefully blend 
the two colors together to complement them

Now taking a glittery green eyeliner from careline cosmetics, carefully dab it 
all over the lid for that shimmering effect.

take a black eyeshadow and carefully apply it to your outer crease till you reach the middle area.

Now, apply a black eye liner to your upper and lower lash line.

 take a blue eyeliner and apply it to your outer lash line

Then get that green glitter liner again ang apply it on top of that blue eyeliner, 
like the beaches in Palawan, shimmering blue and green.

Using a gold glitter liner by ever bilena, apply it to the lower lash line
 connecting it with the blue/green glitter we just applied.

 Now for the face, I applied a peach blush and nude pink lipstick to balance the look. 
We wanted to make the eyes pop!

Your eyes should look like palawan, glittering blue and green

 glamorous, yet simple and serene

don't forget to smile and be a shining star-leah

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