Saturday, June 23, 2012

I ♥ Bohol: Blood compact and Baclayon church

 “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

We were overly excited on our five days trip that we didn't even closed our eyes to sleep. Last May 4 to 8, 2012, me my mom and my uncle finally set our foot in the city of friendship: BOHOL

 Chilling at the airport. Our flight was 5am. We practically slept in the airport afraid that our plane might leave us LOL. When we landed and check in at elportal inn, I noticed that my luggage number lock was changed..or the worst part is i messed it up. I didn't had a chance to change my outfit Grr.

Out first stop: Blood Compact

The Bohol Blood Compact is a replica of what happened during the “Sandugo”. Sandugo is a combination of the Filipino words “Isang Dugo” or One Blood.

 The Blood Compact is considered as a tribal tradition and is the first treaty of friendship between the Filipinos and the Spaniards. Miguel Lopez de Legazpi a Spanish Explorer and Datu Sikatuna the chieftain of  Bohol sealed their friendship by dropping a few blood  in  cups containing wine.Each of them drunk the cup containing each others blood as a sign of friendship

There are also photographer there who will offer you a souvenir photo for P50.00. Here it is...

 Me, my uncle Nilo and my mom.Cute:)
Next: Baclayon Curch

I'm not a catholic but I think it is fascinating to visit old churches.Baclayon church is one of the oldest church in the country. They said that over 200 laborers construct Baclayon church using corals, hardwood and bamboos. Historians said that laborers used millions of eggs which they  separated the egg white from the yolk and used it to cement the coral stones together.Amazing!

They sky was amazingly blue and clear.The church was renovated  and restored many times. We didn't get the chance to see the museum though and even the dungeon  for the wronged natives below the Church.

 One of the mystery of Baclayon Church was the face of Fr. Pio which was imprinted on the side foundation of the Church.Fr. Poi became famous when he was the first stigmatized priest in the history. I remember watching a movie called stigmata, where All 5 wounds of Jesus appeared on the body of a girl. They said it was the same thing happened to Father Pio.
                                   can you see his face?


Inside the church.

It was so old that you can even see few bats roaming around.This is an ancient place.Baclayon church was built in 1727.

BlinkingStars-1.gif image by Beckybert
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Christian | Lakad Pilipinas said...

The blood compact site looks very cool, sayang kinulang kami ng oras dati to visit that site, di tuloy namin napuntahan.

Kudos kababayan! :)

Barefoot Venus said...

Tnx Christian:)Love your blog:)I'm always excited for your updates.

God Bless kababayan..

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah :) Your photos showed how much you and your family enjoyed Bohol. Sayang, i didn't manage to blogmy bohol trip then... would love to come back though.. BTW, me DIY ako sa November going back to Cebu, this time i'm targeting Bantayan and Moalboal Islands. If you want you can join me :)

G at said...

Lovely Bohol noh? :) Sis,if you have time; try to ead nman my Bohol adventure.. tnx :)