Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bad girls secret

Steal a page from the BAD GIRLS ‘ book.

Nothing bad about being a good girl,

but sometimes bad girls have it better.

Learn why BAD GIRLS break the rules

that good girls make

& unleash the little devil in you!


“Good girls get peace & quiet.

Bad girls get what they want.”

When pushy group mates boss her around,

a domineering boyfriend asks her to kowtow to his whims,

or a cranky salesperson brushes off a plea for help,

the goodgirl will meekly acquiesce to keep the peace.

Her paramount concern is amity, harmony

& everyone else’s happiness- even if in the process,

she sacrifices her own.

BAD GIRL'S push hard, & don’t take no for an answer.

They refuse to be pushovers & insist on what they want because

they know they deserve it. They don’t settle & they don’t compromise

only when they’ll get something out of settling,too.

They don’t get a reprieve—they get their way!

TRY: Helping yourself before helping others.

Your needs shouldn’t be ignored all the time.


“ Good girls get their just desserts.

Bad girls hit the jackpot.”

Confronted with life-altering choices about which college to go to

or which career path to follow,

Good girls do what’s expected of them.

Growing up in a family of doctors or lawyers,

a good girl will not dare fall far from the tree,

neither will she choose a brilliant terror professor over

a nice one who guarantees her straight As.

BADGIRL'S throw caution to the wind & take risk.

They do what they want to do regardless of the outcome’s certainly.

They act freely, take on challenges, & are willing to fail.

They open themselves up to limitless possibilities that can actually

make a seemingly disastrous move the most fortulous

mistake of their lives.

TRY: taking up a new interest (never mind if its not you)

& see where it takes you.


“Good girls fly low under the radar.

Bad girls steal the spotlight!”

The Good girl’s middle name is Modest (sensible & safe)

Especially when she’s donning clothes for a gimmick or the beach,

socializing at a party or sharing opinions with new friends,

Good girls choose to be nondescript on anyone.

BAD GIRLS know how to make their mark

& refuse to blend in with the crowd.

They don’t shrink into timidity because they know

they have so much to offer.

They are confident that whatever controversial or flamboyant,

Bad girls put their best foot forward & make an impact!

TRY: walking into a room or a party & owning it, just once!


“Good girls have the last laugh.

Bad girl’s laugh the hardest”

You’ll never see a Good girl do something outrageous,

stupid, idiotic, or potentially embarrassing.

She will decline a dare as soon as its plainly obvious

that she’ll end up making a complete bonehead of herself.

Good girls spend sleepless nights learning not to make any social faux  pas.

Bad girls are not inhibited by what people will say or think.

A bad girl is self- deprecating & knows not to take herself too seriously.

She is not beyond doing stupid stupid things

because she has a good time while she’s at it.

& when she the laughter dies down,

at least she knows firsthand why not to do it again.

TRY: Hamming it up for the camera or belting it out at a videoke,

& see how liberating it feels.


“Good Girls go to heaven.

Bad girls have been to hell & back”

a Good girl’s life is perfect, or close to it.

She walks the straight & narrow road

& never strays from the path of virtue.

She is sheltered from difficulty & adversity

& is given the best life possible by equally good parents.

BAD GIRL'S have seen the flipside.

They’ve been exposed to the gritty & the ugly

& in the process, they get tough.

BAD GIRLS are rarely conned

& are cautios about trusting people other then themselves.

They are used to obstacles & grow to become independent.

They know how to protect themselves from getting hurt

& if they fail, they know how to suck it up.

TRY: confronting your fear head on.

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. 


“Good girls get mad. Bad girls get even!”

Familiar with that soap heroine who, after being slapped around,

beaten to a pulp, and losing a clump of Hair,

quietly sulked &cried at a corner? That’s a good girl.

A good girl will not stoop to the level of her antagonist,

&lives by the credo “if you get slapped on one cheek, you give the other.”

She believes that what goes around will come around,

even if she sits idly by & does nothing about it.

She might even make excuses for her enemy if she’s that nice!

She will lick her wounds on her own,

hoping &praying for a solutions to her problems.

A BAD GIRL believes that action is the best reaction.

She knows that karma needs a little help.

She’s not averse to giving her tormentor a taste of her own medicine 

because she knows nobody has the right to bully or hurt anyone.

She is proactive & leaves little to fate.

She will call that antagonist on her misdeeds

& will not take it sitting down,

she won’t hesitate to give her enemy a bath of wine

after the latter drenches her with water,

mess with the bad girl,& she fights back.

TRY: speaking up when the mean girls cuts in front of you.

You’re not stooping to her level. -You’re doing what’s right!


  I'm bad! hahaha!

Have a fabulous day!

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