Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I ♥ Bohol: Playing with bee's at Bohol Bee Farm

After our adventurous snorkeling gig at Balicasag and Virgin Island, we were tired and hungry. As part of our itinerary, we went to the famous Bohol Bee Farm

 Unlike other resort in Bohol, Bohol Bee farm actually promotes healthy lifestyle were they serve you with organic food which all ingredients actually came form their own farm. We opted to join their farm tour where they will show us different plants and trees that they grow, their bee farm and livelihood project. But first, we have to feed our growling stomach!Grr

 The Camote Bread with Honey, Pesto and Mango Spreads was complement by the restaurant. I ordered mango shake and fresh lumpia with peanut butter which is so yummy! My mom ordered blue marlin and my uncle grilled squid. They were serve with red rice which we all know  is very healthy with their famous vegetable salad! Yep, flowers included! I tasted the blue one and it tasted like a...flower:)

 There are a lot of people eating at that time so I could not get a descent shot without disturbing them. So, I grab these photos from their website.

After our healthy, hearty lunch. we went to the reception area to wait for the farm tour to start.  I went inside their shop to check on some of their product.

You can buy bottles of honey(ofcourse!) different flavored tea and sandwich spread. And don't forget to taste their unique malunggay ice cream or ginger ice cream.

The farm tour started after a while and my uncle is quite interesting about the topics because he has his own farm. He liked the idea of using alternative and natural pesticides.

  Bee's and Buzz...( as usual, ayaw na naman ng uncle ko.hahaha)

 After the bee tour, we then went to their workshop where they make hand-crafted materials, mostly weaved cloths.

They also make basket for their product. All were handmade. Filipino people are indeed very creative, right?

Some colorful paintings. Sign, One of my dreams is to learn how to paint, even just a simple canvass:)

It was nice experienced visiting Bohol Bee Farm. Tasting their delicious and healthy meal, close encounter with the bee's, relaxing ambiance  and learning more about organic farming.

To travel is to learn to love things we still don’t know they exist.
                                                                                                -Tasting Travels

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Batang Biyahera said...

I've visited Bohol few times, especially during Holy Week with family. It's just few hours from my home town Ceub, a perfect weekend getaway. I've heard so much about Bohol Bee Farm and the great food they serve. Hopefully to visit this place on my next home trip. Cheers from Berlin! xo