Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fashion fab: I Heart Chunky Necklaces!

 Today it's all about the big, bold and beautiful when it comes to accessories.
Big is better when it comes to chunky necklaces! It also helps make a plain outfit look awesome!

We can wear this in a plain black out fit and definitely make a statement! 
This is awesome because black is our best friend!

Just look at Ashley Stewart!

so fabulous.......

Here's a nice article I read from  on how to wear a chunky necklaces

  • Choose your necklace according to your personal style. Chunky necklaces are available in several different lengths, colors and materials.
  • Pair a thick, colorful necklace with a solid top that has a simple neckline. This keeps your look from being too busy and highlights your necklace. However, if you want to add more flare to your outfit, choose a fun print and a solid colored chunky necklace for a bohemian look.
  • Whether you wear a solid or patterned top, match your necklace with similar (non-jewelry) accessories. If you wear a tribal-inspired necklace, pair it with strappy sandals and a rugged leather purse or beaded bag. If you prefer sparkle and glamour, pair your crystal necklace with a plain colored T-shirt and dark denim jeans. Wear that same necklace for dinner out with a simple shift dress and elegant purse.
  • Another option is to wear a flowing, billowy top with a heavy, chunky necklace. The weight of the jewelry will keep the shirt close to your chest, giving you some shape, while the lower part of your shirt still flows free.
  • Eliminate all other jewelry except your rings. If the rest of your outfit is fairly neutral, you can wear a single bracelet or a cocktail ring. However, too many accessories with a chunky necklace take away from its stylish effect.

Here's some photo of me with wearing few of my chunky necklaces

Chunky, anyone???

Have a fabulous day!

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