Sunday, August 7, 2011

Birthday look (gold and Violet)

 (Super late Post)

It's your birthday and you want to look sexy and glamorous. 
And the best way to celebrate is to combine your  favorite colors.
Mine are Gold , violet and purple.
This tutorial will show you how to be gorgeous in your special day...

here's the look...

Let's Start

Apply a white liner all over the lid.
I used NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

Use you favorite gold eyeshadow and pat it halfway your lid. 
Gold is the most glamorous color I know:)

Apply a violet eyeshadow to the space that we left. 
These colors will look gorgeous on any eye color

Take a blending brush and blend these to colors together. 
Add more product if you want to. 
Keep on blending till you got the shades that you want...

Now take a purple color and apply this into your crease.
This will soften the look to create a nice gradient.

Now apply a liquid liner to you upper lash line and pencil liner to your lower waterline.

You can use your favorite nude lipstick to go on with this look or
a hot pink like mine for more edgier look. I used In2it lipstick in Pink alarm.

Here's the look...

your eyes are now sexy and glamorous..

Simple yet Vibrant

Perfect for a birthday look...

Have a fabulous day!


Clara Turbay said...

great post.
check out mine

Tinay said...

Oh you're so pretty :)

I wish I knew how to apply eyeshadows :((( Ahaha :)

btw i followed you :)

fat and fabulouss said...

Thanks Tina:)You will learn worries