Thursday, July 5, 2012

I ♥ Bohol: Aproriana,Butterfly Garden, Tigbao Hanging Bridge

I'm not a  fan of snake, ever! But this one was included in our tour packages so why not visit it as well right?

Prony is a self-developed and trained Python found in the Philippines. It is  biggest and longest Phyton in  in the Island of Bohol. No one, I mean no one among us dare to come inside the cage to touch or even take a photo with Prony.

The place has an entrance fee of 15 pesos.You can also  see other animals here.

 Hello monkey, how do you do?

 There is also a souvenir shop here where you can buy pasalubong like shirt, bag and Bohol's delicacy.We didn't buy anything because I heard that it is much cheaper in Tigbao Hanging bridge.He..he

A stunning view outside aproariana.
 Next-Butterfly farm

I love butterflies! I think they are wonderful creation of God that  gives beautiful colors in our world.When we went to Palawan, I expected to see lots of butterflies to play with. I was a little disappointed because  I didn't find many butterflies so I did not expect anything here at Butterfly Farm in bohol.

We paid fifty pesos entrance fee. There was a tour guide who will explain about butterflies, cocoon and moth.

My uncle actually enjoyed listening to the tour guide. Asking questions from time to time.He even told me "Maganda yung ganyan, may nagpapaliwanag, may natutunan." Wow!

On our way to the sanctuary. It was actually a landscaped garden full of flowering plants and of course, butterflies. Our guide said that more than 60 species of butterflies come to the garden. It was really nice, I kind a like it because the place was cool and relaxing.

....and our epic photo shoot begun, bwahahaha!

The butterflies are actually in two's.Why? The guide told as that is was mating season!!
 See, by two's.
 This spot is cute, I feel like dancing:)

Kakulay ng damit ko, hahaha.
Before going to our next destination, I decided to have a picture with an Iguana. I asked my uncle if he wanted to touch it but he said he has a skin allergy. Weee, di nga???

Next: Tigbao Hanging Bridge
It was shaky, slippery  and fun!Its railings made of steel and flooring of bamboo, this bridge isn’t really  the safest bridge in the world but I like the feel of it shaking under my feet, the cool breeze against my face and I loved hearing the other tourist screaming at the top of their lungs when somebody shook the bridge. 

 Suspended some 25 meters above the Loboc River, the Tigbao Hanging Bridge connects two barangays. Crossing the bridge was quite a experience. It offers a good view of the Loboc river. There’s also a souvenir shop on the other side of the bridge where you can buy the cheapest souvenir items.We actually bought t-shirts and a nice bag:)
My mom and my uncle, holding side by side while crossing the bridge.

“A wise traveler never despises his own country.” – Carlo Goldoni

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Francis Balgos said...

I miss Bohol so much!
I'm curious with that photo of the view of Aproariana, seems like its outside Bohol Coconut Palm Resort! :)
I hope to visit Bohol soon, and maybe I could bring my Mom.
She'd love the place very much!

Elal Jane Lasola said...

Wow. Another great place to hangout in Bohol especially with family :)

Barefoot Venus said...

@francis: I'm sure your mom will enjoy Bohol as much as my mom did:) Keep on posting and inspiring us!

@elal, thank you for visiting my blog, yours is truly amazing and inspiring