Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Acidic Skin????

Have you experienced putting on the perfect foundation to your face and then after an hour or two turns darker ? or when your face gets oily, your skin turns darker too?

By all mean, you have an ACIDIC SKIN!

I have an oily and acidic skin. I bought foundations that has a shade of "natural Beige" because I thought that was the perfect shade for me. It was my husband who  noticed that my foundation turned darker than when I first applied it. But the bigger problem that I have was when I set my foundation with a loose powder! this actually darkens my skin a couple of shades than my actual skin tone which really sucks!So I have done some research and tried different things to remedy this problem.

Hope these tips could help....

Use a foundation shade, one tone lighter than your skin tone so that your  face will match my skin tone once you face gets oily and acidic. So I went from natural beige to soft beige or light beige.

To avoid oiliness, I used a makeup base or  primer to keep our  face from being oily. I used Ellana face primer. It is also better to used an eyeshadow primer to avoid losing the colors that we put into the lid.

Its is also very important to choose the right  loose powder because this will not only set your makeup but it will also make your face look flawless I'm still on a hunt for a good loose/translucent powder. i have tried the nichido finishing powder as well as the loreal translucent powder which also good if your have the right shade for your kin type. I am actually interested to try the maybelline Clear Smooth Face Powder:)

Do you share the same acidic face like mine? How did you deal with it?
have a fabulous day


Teacher Roanne said...

thanks for this one! im also acidic and sometimes i hate wearing makeup because for me it seems there's no difference. >.< Im going to try those tips so that i can face the class well-groomed and neat. hehe

Anonymous said...

hi! i like your blog:) i've tried maybelline and it's not really good:( better try avon ideal shade oil control powder or fanny serrano cake foundation:)

Marge Biz said...

Thanks for the info.. now I know what shade of Mary Kay foundation I will offer to my client if they have acidic skin :)