Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rainbow Eyes

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
And the dreams that you dreamed of
Once in a lullaby

One of the most beautiful things God created in this world is the rainbow. Kids loves it, adult adores it and I appreciated for its natural and potent beauty. Rainbow makes me feel calm and peaceful. It gives me a lot of inspiration . The colors teaches us the different aspects of life,like peace,love and nature. Rainbow makes the sky beautiful. Like our life. As I remember from the show Ally Mcbeal..."Let's paint the world with beautiful colors.." Well I'll paint the world with rainbow colors:)

One of my favorite song is the version of Israel Kamakawiwo Ole' - Somewhere Over The Rainbow. I actually had this song on my wedding day!

 This song makes me feel good every time I hear it..

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What if we put the rainbow in our eyes? 
What will it look like?
Rainbow inspired me to create this rainbow eye make-up

I used the Elf 100 colors Eyeshadow palette

I mix the number 6 and 7 under the lower lash line

I used a liquid liner to line my eyes..
You can add falsies for more dramatic look

More Photos...

Hope you enjoyed this look

Have a wonderful rainbow day!



Amanda said...

so pretty!Ilove rainbow!

MakeUpbyLaura1 said...

Very Pretty!

fat and fabulouss said...

Thanks Laura and Amanda:)Enjoyed doing it...

Mimi said...

You look absolutely gorgeous!
and you have amazing skin!

fat and fabulouss said...

Oh!Thankyou so much Mimi:) And thanks for visiting my blog...