Saturday, October 8, 2011

smoke n' pink

This tutorial  will show you how to achieve a sexy smokey eyes with hot pink lips...

Make sure that you have applied your foundation and concealed your blemishes...

start with naked eyes...

I used the NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk and applied it all over the lid. 
This will make the colors pop for that smokey effect..

Taking a lightest gray eyeshadow , apply this color all over the lid, blended along the way

Now, taking the darker gray shadow, start on the outer corner of the eyes and follow along the crease
Keep it clean and light....

Taking a fluffy brush, make sure to blend it very well to avoid any harsh line

Now, taking a matte black eye shadow, dab it  against the outer corner of your eyes
this will give your eyes that enticing, smokey look. 
Be sure to blend it well, you should not see where the color begins or ends.

Now for the fun part, I used the Ever bilena glitter eye liner in white diamond
and tapped it at the inner corners of the eyes.
This will add a metallic look for sexier effect..

Now, apply a liquid liner to your upper and lower lash line

and pencil liner to your water line.

apply your favorite mascara and false lashes 

and for that sexy lips, I used the
Revlon super  lustrous lipstick in
Cherry in the snow.....

Now, you can enjoy your beautiful eyes
and sexy lips....

Have a fabulous day!